Affirm Multiplex Provides Non-Ablative Resurfacing, Tissue Tightening And Rejuvenation To The Face And Bodyaffirm-multiplex-machine

The Affirm Multiplex system is unique in that it incorporates two distinct fractional laser technologies, firing simultaneously, in one fast 20-minute treatment.

The 1320 and 1440 nm lasers create tiny channels in the superficial and mid layers of the skin, leaving the top layer of the skin completely intact. Inturn, stimulating collagen formation, while remodelling the middle layer of the skin.

Because the top layer of the skin remains intact, there is no downtime (no peeling or flaking). This also means that there is virtually no risk of bacterial infection. The Affirm Multiplex can also be used to treat darker skin types falling on the Fitzpatrick scale at types 4 & 5. Unlike CO2 lasers, which are used for lighter skin types.

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