liposonix-machineTHOSE LAST FEW INCHES

Struggling to lose those last few inches? You’re eating a well-balanced diet, spending hours in the gym and nothing seems to be working for your tummy bulge, muffin top, saddlebags or inner thighs.

The problem is that the distribution of your subcutaneous fat is hormonally determined. The most we can hope from such exercise and diet regimens is to lose weight overall, improve our cardiovascular fitness and general muscle tone; but no amount of sit-ups, squats or lunges are going to result in targeted localized fat loss.

For the overweight  middle-aged man or woman, such an approach, combined with hormonal balancing, is essential to reduce visceral fat, reverse metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance and diminish the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease; but for the person who has already attained or is close to his or her ideal body weight and percentage body fat, but still has  pesky localized fat deposits a different approach is needed.

Past traditional approaches would have been surgical liposuction, involving a general anaesthetic, weeks of downtime and compression garments; or the more recent, but still surgical technique of laser-assisted or radiofrequency- assisted liposuction. We now have the option of non-invasive, non-surgical, in -office procedures which avoid the risk of anaesthesia and are associated with little or no downtime.

Until recently, we used Unipolar Radiofrequency (Accent XL) and Mesotherapy to achieve shrinkage and remodelling of subcutaneous fat cells, this involved multiple protracted sessions, and was a temporary solution, as the fat cells were not destroyed. Now, with advancements in technology, we finally have a method of destroying subcutaneous fat cells in one session, without recourse to surgery.


* Individual Results May Vary