Volume Restoration

Dermal Filler Techniques Requiring Advanced Anatomical Training & Safety Concerns

We are constantly receiving phone calls from patients asking, “How much do you charge per unit of Botox/per syringe of filler?” and using this as their sole criteria for choosing their injector.

The injection of neurotoxins and more especially, re-volumizing of the face involves injecting fillers in multiple different tissue planes, from bony surfaces through the deep fascial fat compartments and into the subcutaneous tissue, requiring precise 3D anatomical knowledge in order to avoid the catastrophic consequences of intra-arterial injection- such as necrosis of tissue and permanent scarring; embolus to brain or eye with resultant stroke or blindness; or of nerve damage with sensory or motor impairment.

Dr.  Hyland strives to continuously improve her skill by learning from the most experienced plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other aesthetic physicians in the world: her training encompasses  an entire academic year  of anatomy lectures, tutorials, and dissections, multiple hands-on advanced training courses  in the USA and Canada, cadaver dissection training last year at the Surgical Centre of the  University of Sharjah, by plastic surgeon instructors  from University Renee Descartes, Paris: a one-year postgraduate program in dermatology through the University of Cardiff, UK; courses in laser medicine from Harvard Medical school, and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery  (ASLMS);  USA -accredited MLSO certification; and extensive training in metabolic, hormonal, and functional medicine   in the USA.

Consequently, she incorporates advanced techniques and areas into her treatment protocols such as non-surgical rhinoplasty, temples, Nefertiti jaw lift, and periocular rejuvenation, while preserving correct anatomical proportions for a more natural-looking result, at affordable prices.