Andropause is the name given to that constellation of symptoms experienced by men as a result of age-related decline in testosterone. Some of the common symptoms & signs are:

  • Loss of Energy & Stamina
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Mood changes  apathy, anxiety/depression , grumpiness, decreased drive or assertiveness
  • Cognitive changes  foggy thinking, memory lapses-recollection of names and words, spatial memory ( route navigation), short-term working memory, increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Loss of libido, Erectile Dysfunction- difficulty getting and maintaining erections, decreased arousal response, decreased morning erections 6.Body composition changes decreased muscle mass, increased abdominal fat, increased waist circumference, decreased bone density, osteoporosis*
  • Increased risk cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance
  • Prostate enlargement 9.? Male- pattern hair loss… this is not a symptom of low testosterone, but is a response to a metabolite of testosterone, DHT, and is covered in the website section Skin: Alopecia

* men with osteoporosis should always have testosterone levels checked, and be put on TRT if no contraindications to therapy

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